The Best Countries to Immigrate To For South Africans

Each year, thousands of South Africans set out on a journey to make a fresh start in a new home country that offers them greater opportunities, safety, and quality of life. The gravity of one’s choice underscores the importance of researching the best countries to immigrate to. Your choice will influence every aspect of your future, from your career path and social life to the education your children will receive and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Discus Holdings is your partner in making your dream move a reality. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration, we specialise in crafting personalised emigration strategies that align with your unique needs and goals.

Your Immigration Dream is Achievable.

Top Countries for South African Immigrants Through Residency

















United Kingdom




The decision of where to emigrate is not just about moving to a new place; it’s about choosing a new way of life. Choosing the right country for your relocation will determine the social, economic, and cultural future of you and your family. While countries with robust economies offer more job opportunities and financial stability, nations renowned for their inclusive societies and progressive policies can enhance personal freedoms and social well-being. The local culture, language, and climate also play crucial roles in personal happiness and adaptation.

Finding a destination where your aspirations can take flight and are supported by a conducive environment takes research and expert guidance – which is where Discus Holdings thrives.

How Discus Holdings Can Help

We stand at the forefront of facilitating seamless transitions to new beginnings abroad. Recognising that each individual’s aspirations and circumstances are unique, our team commences our partnership with a personalised consultation to discuss your options for permanent residency or citizenship. While our primary service is to assist you in navigating the intricacies of application processes, our commitment doesn’t end there. We provide support as you integrate and settle into your new country and offer advice and assistance to make your transition as comfortable as possible.

Why Consider Immigrating?

The Best Countries to Immigrate To

Economic Stability

For many South Africans, the prospect of living in a country with a strong economy is not just financially promising but brings the promise of prosperity in a location where hard work can flourish, unrestricted by economic volatility.


Safety and Security

The desire for a peaceful life, where personal and family safety isn’t a daily concern but a given, motivates South Africans to seek out nations with low crime rates and stable governance.


Education Systems

Education can open doors to opportunities that span the globe. Many South Africans are drawn to countries known for their exemplary education systems, where quality learning environments can provide their children with the best.


Improved Healthcare

Access to healthcare is fundamental, and the search for superior medical services is a strong motivator. For this reason, countries that offer advanced healthcare facilities stand out for immigrants.


Vibrant Job Markets

The chance to engage in fulfilling work and challenge oneself in dynamic industries is another motivator for many immigrating South Africans looking to climb the career ladder.

The Difference Between Permanent Residence and Citizenship

Permanent residence permits grant the right to settle permanently in the issuing jurisdiction and that jurisdiction alone. In the case of Schengen countries, it also grants the right to travel freely within the Schengen border union. Residence by investment is the legal acquisition of residence permits (either temporary or permanent) through either an investment in or a donation to a jurisdiction that has a residence by investment program, sometimes referred to as a “Golden Visa” program.

In addition to granting the right of permanent settlement in the issuing country, citizenships also bestow a wide range of benefits, such as the right to vote and the right to consular services. Unlike residence permits, citizenship grants the right of permanent settlement and complete freedom. Citizenship by investment is the legal acquisition of citizenship through either investing in or donating to a jurisdiction with these programs.

Ready to Start Your Journey?
With Discus Holdings, finding the best countries to immigrate to and achieving permanent residence or citizenship is not just a legal process; it’s the first step toward a new life filled with possibilities. We understand the difference between obtaining permanent residence and acquiring citizenship and are here to guide you through both avenues with expertise and care.