Residence Permit in Switzerland: From Application to Integration

Switzerland, with its pristine alpine landscapes, highly desired quality of life, and cosmopolitan society, has become a popular location for expatriates. Whether you’re drawn by the promise of working among some of the world’s most influential financial institutions or simply seeking a peaceful haven, Switzerland offers attractive residency opportunities.

Navigating the intricacies of a residence permit in Switzerland is necessary to ensure a smooth relocation. At Discus Holdings, we offer clear insights and practical advice whilst helping you secure your place in this exceptional country.

Why Choose Switzerland?

residence permit in Switzerland
Unmatched Quality of Life and Political Stability

Switzerland is synonymous with an envied quality of life ranked consistently high for its living standards. Individuals interested in residency in this country can anticipate a clean, safe, and well-organised environment with remarkable political stability.

A Gateway in the Heart
of Europe

Imagine having the best of Europe at your doorstep! Switzerland’s strategic location makes it a hub for diversity and connectivity. Major European cities are just a short flight or train ride away, opening the door to plenty of opportunities for travel and business expansions for you and your family.

Favourable for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Switzerland offers attractive tax policies for entrepreneurs and business owners with a residence permit. The economic landscape is characterised by low tax rates and a commitment to a robust social security system.

Are you interested in a Switzerland residence permit?

Conditions for Obtaining Residency In Switzerland

There are clear, structured pathways for entrepreneurs and individuals interested in attaining a residence permit in Switzerland. For those looking to weave their story into the rich tapestry of Swiss society, there are two paths to residency: registering a business or entering into a tax agreement. These are both considered golden keys that offer a blend of personal and financial benefits. Switzerland is also not a member of The European Economic Area (EEC) and is thus economically independent, which offers additional benefits when conducting business and managing finances.
Through business registration

Entrepreneurs interested in venturing into this dynamic market can open the door to new business opportunities and pave the way to obtaining a residence permit.


The Process

Establish a Swiss business in the form of a joint-stock company.

Ensure your business actively contributes to growth by maintaining large investments.

Establish a workplace for Swiss citizens.*

The applicant must assume a leadership role as company director. This position must be formalised through a labour contract that specifies salary and employment terms that align with the accepted standards in Switzerland.

The applicant must have the necessary skills to effectively lead the company, including relevant experience, qualifications, and language proficiency.

* While the focus is on promoting local employment, foreign citizens can be employed if your company requires unique skills or qualifications not readily available in the local or European labour markets.

Documents Required

Valid passport

2 colour ID images

An up-to-date resume

A valid health insurance policy

A legal address

Your business plan, including a description of activity and a suggested budget for your company

Proof that a search has been done to find suitable labour in the local and European market (and proof if the search was unsuccessful)

A copy of the labour contract and diplomas/certificates attesting that the applicant has education, experience, and sufficient qualifications to manage the business

Attestation of lack of criminal record

Through tax agreement

Switzerland offers an attractive proposition for affluent individuals through lump sum taxation. This is a straightforward tax structure that can serve as a basis for residency and allows individuals to contribute to the Swiss economy without having to engage in professional activities within the country. Instead of the traditional income-based tax system, Lump Sum Taxation assesses tax based on the applicant’s annual living expenses.

What You Should Know

Applicants will need to secure a tailored agreement with the tax authorities of Switzerland’s canton.*

There is an annual tax commitment of up to CHF 1,000,000, variable by the selected canton.

Applicants can enjoy eligibility that extends beyond EU-EFTA citizenship.

Applicants do not have to participate in local business operations to qualify for this tax arrangement.

*Achieving a favourable outcome from immigration authorities depends on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate capital and share a genuine intention to immerse and contribute to Switzerland’s rich social, economic, and cultural tapestry.

Documents Required

Valid passport

2 colour ID images

Completed and signed application form

Proof of place of residence in Switzerland

Attestation of lack of criminal record

A valid health insurance policy

An up-to-date resume

Statement that the applicant will not do business within Switzerland

Agreement with the tax administration