Navigating Permanent Residence in the UK

The UK’s immigration framework is especially accommodating to investors from non-EU countries, offering a streamlined pathway towards residency. As the sole representative of an overseas business, you have the unique opportunity to apply for a residency permit in the United Kingdom. Obtaining permanent residence in the UK through an expansion worker visa offers the benefits of living and working in the UK whilst growing your business in a new landscape.

The Advantages

permanent residence in the UK

Opening New Doors

Being in the UK on a work visa allows you and your loved ones, including unmarried civil partners, to start a refreshing chapter in your lives! Immerse yourself in a new culture, experience the diversity of the UK, and tap into the opportunities.


Freedom & Flexibility

You are given the autonomy to live wherever you choose within the UK, engage in diverse business activities, or further your education.

Golden Visa

Cost-Effective Immigration

The Expansion Worker visa is designed with lower investment thresholds, making it an accessible and financially viable option for those looking for permanent residence in the UK.

Are you interested in UK permanent residence?

Understanding the UK Expansion Worker Visa

The UK Expansion Worker Visa has succeeded the Representative of an Overseas Business visa. While those under the old scheme can continue their stay, new applicants must apply through this updated visa. The UK Expansion Worker Visa specifically caters to individuals tasked with growing an overseas business’s presence within the UK and aims to empower them to engage in employment directly related to their sponsor’s business.

This visa allows for the inclusion of partners and dependent children, provided they meet the necessary criteria. It initially grants a 2-year period to set up and stabilise the UK subsidiary, and, following the successful establishment of the business, visa holders can explore additional immigration routes to solidify their business’s operations within the UK.

Employer Eligibility

This non-immigration visa provides an opportunity to extend your stay in the US on the basis of investment or through the operation of a new or existing small business.

The Visa Requirements

This visa operates on a points-based system, where applicants must amass a total of 60 points across two key categories.


Sponsorship Points (20 Points)

Applicants secure 20 points by holding a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from a licensed sponsor. This ensures that the role they are being sponsored for aligns with the requirements for overseas expansion.


Skill and Salary Points (40 Points Total)

The applicant must meet or exceed the skill level required for the role they are being sponsored to fulfil. Points are also secured for maintaining salary demands in the form of a minimum annual payment of at least £48,500 or the standard rate for the respective job role, depending on which is higher.

What Documents Will You Need to Apply?

Certificate of Sponsorship reference number

A valid passport

Proof of job title and salary

Job occupation code

Name of employer and their sponsorship licence number

Proof of familial relationships (if applicable)

Tuberculosis test results

Family Members and Dependents

Your family members, including your partner and children, can accompany you to the UK or remain with you as your ‘dependents,’ provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Upon approval of their applications, your dependents’ visas will typically be aligned to expire concurrently with yours. In instances where a child’s parents hold visas with differing expiration dates, the child’s visa will be set to expire on the sooner of the two dates.

A dependent can be identified as any one of the following:

Your spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner

Your child under the age of 18, this includes children born in the UK during your stay

Your child aged 18 or above, provided they are already in the UK as your dependent