Your Journey to Maltese Living

Malta, basking in the warmth of a Mediterranean climate, is a haven surrounded by an unspoiled environment, making it an ideal destination to settle down. Safety is a top priority, with the island renowned for its high level of security and world-class infrastructure, providing peace of mind to potential residents and investors. Moreover, the tax incentives offered to residents are a significant advantage, creating a business-friendly environment and facilitating efficient capital management.

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers the opportunity to achieve a life in this Mediterranean paradise. The programme necessitates a financial commitment to Malta, and after stringent due diligence checks and intensive background investigations, applicants, along with their families, can obtain permanent residency.

What To Expect With Permanent Residency in Malta

Freedom of movement in the Schengen countries

Enjoy the promising privilege of visa-free travel across the Schengen countries with the assurance of an indefinite residence in Malta.

A safe place to live for you and your loved ones

Indefinite residence allows you and your family to establish a permanent home in Malta, providing unrestricted travel throughout the EU without the need for visas and permits.

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The lack of taxation on private income derived outside Malta

The obligation to pay tax in Malta kicks in only after gaining tax residency. Nevertheless, any capital gains originating outside Malta will remain non-taxable even if received in the country.

Tranquillity and confidence in the future

As an indefinite resident, there’s no obligation to continue living in Malta, granting you the freedom to travel to your liking without any stipulated stay requirements or complex procedures for residency renewal.

Interested in permanent residency in Malta?

Give yourself and your family a whole new level
of living comfort and traveling in Europe.

The Advantages


Fast-tracked procedure for securing permanent residency


Inclusive residence status for all family members, encompassing parents and grandparents


No stipulated minimum length of stay required in Malta


Economical processing charges


Privilege of visa-free travel across the Schengen zone


Civil partnership applications are well-received in Malta

The Conditions of Participation in the Malta Permanent Residence Programme


1 – Full contribution option

Contribution €98,000

Donation to NGO €2,000

Property rental per year in South Malta or Gozo: €10,000

Property rental per year in Malta: €12,000

2 – Reduced contribution option

Contribution €68,000

Donation to NGO €2,000

Buying a property in South Malta or Gozo: €300,000

Buying a property in Malta: €350,000

Additional government contributions

€7,500 for the spouse and each dependent parent or grandparent

€5,000 for each dependent adult child

The Necessary Documentation

Valid foreign passport

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Existing resident cards or identity cards issued by third countries

An obligation that other qualifying requirements will be completed

Health certificate

A certificate from the Maltese police, as well as a certificate from the police issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin as well as the country or countries of residence where the Applicant has resided for more than six months during the last ten years

Affidavit of support for each dependent over the age of eighteen

Confirmation of availability of funds (bank statements, proof of income, investments, etc.)

Officially certified translations of any documents that have been issued not in English

The process of Maltese residency


In case of a positive decision on granting the status of an Investor Resident in Malta in the first place phase, and, if they meet the necessary criteria, the next steps are guaranteed by the state.