Your Path to Residency in Monaco

Living in Monaco is like holding a coveted membership at an exclusive club, unlocking countless avenues for living with luxury in Europe. However, Monaco is more than an embodiment of good taste with upscale events and the global spectacle of Formula 1. This nation is a hub of incomparable opportunities for residence and business!

Securing a Monaco residency permit is a seamless and uncomplicated process, thanks to the program for the financially affluent. With proof of personal funds and a stable income source outside of Monaco, individuals can showcase eligibility to obtain a temporary Monaco residency permit.

The Advantages


Move Freely Within Europe

As a Monaco temporary resident permit holder, you can enjoy living in this glamorous nation and travel throughout the Schengen area unrestricted by visas.


Simplicity at its Best

Monaco’s temporary residency program comes with no obligation to engage in business, make investments, undertake employment, or pay extra taxes.


Smooth Application Process

From start to finish, your application can be conveniently pursued from the comfort of your home country via the French consulate.

Are you interested in residency in Monaco?

Conditions for participating in the Temporary Residency Program


Your own funds in a sufficient amount in a bank account in Monaco


Your own funds in a sufficient amount in a bank account outside of Monaco

Proof of a steady
income outside of
You own or rent
property in

More Opportunities
To Look Forward To


Make your home within the vibrant core of Europe


Benefit from an environment of economic and political stability


Reap the rewards of advantageous tax structures


Ensure your personal safety in a secure community


Access top-tier healthcare through high-quality medical services


Provide your children with the advantages of European education


Take your business to new heights in the EU market

What Documents Will You Need?


Birth certificate

Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Birth certificates of children (if applicable)

Attestation that you lack a criminal record

Proof that you own real estate in Monaco or a rental agreement

Certificate that you have opened a bank account in Monaco

Bank statement showing the required amount in a bank account in Monaco

Bank statement showing the required amount in a bank account outside Monaco

Proof of a steady income outside Monaco

How Discus Holdings Will Support Your Application

Expert assistance throughout the personal document legalisation process

Aiding in the meticulous preparation of documents intended for consulate submission

Comprehensive training to ensure you are well-prepared for the consulate interview

Accompanying you with the submission of a temporary residency application at the municipality

The process and payment stages

Step one

A contract is signed with Discus Holdings, and the applicant provides the required documents for the application.

Step two

An advance payment is made of 50% of the cost of our services.

Step three

The applicant receives their complete documentation file and is prepared for their visit to the French consulate for their interview + payment is made for 40% of the cost of our services. Our team will accompany you for this interview.

Step four

The application is reviewed.

Step five

Applicant receives a positive decision and a visa allowing them to visit Monaco to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Step six

The applicant visits Monaco to open a bank account, submit documents for a temporary residence permit, and obtain statements and other required documents. The remaining 10% of the cost of our services will be paid at this stage.