Secure Your Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa offers an appealing pathway to residency through investment opportunities tailored to different preferences and capabilities. Investors who adhere to the investment maintenance requirements and meet the minimum stay criteria within Portugal are also eligible to pursue permanent residency and, ultimately, EU citizenship. With the requirement of spending only a minimum of seven days in Portugal annually, it stands out as a flexible option for those looking to gain a foothold in Europe without the need for constant presence.

Portugal is a nation characterised by safety, an affordable cost of living, a high quality of life, robust infrastructure, and commendable health and education systems – all of which make this visa that much more attractive.

The Advantages

Portugal Golden Visa

Unrestricted Travel and Living

You and your family can explore the Schengen Zone without needing a visa.


Family-Inclusive Residency

Your investment package can secure temporary residency for yourself and your entire family. This includes your spouse, children under 18, and dependant adult children pursuing higher education.

Minimal Stay

To maintain your residency status, the program requires a mere seven-day stay in Portugal annually.


Permanent Residency & Citizenship

Maintaining your investment and complying with the minimum stay requirements will allow you to apply for permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

Are you interested in the Portugal Golden Visa program?

Investment Opportunities to Qualify for The Golden Visa


Through Business

Applicants who own a Portuguese business or are looking to make a business investment qualify for a Golden Visa. The program stipulates that a minimum investment of €180,000 must be made into an existing Portuguese company over five years to qualify.  This option offers a pathway to residency for business-minded individuals and underscores Portugal’s commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and consistent job creation.

Through Donation

Funding Research and Development

Prospective residents can contribute to Portugal’s innovative landscape by investing a minimum of €500,000 in public or private research institutions. This aims to bolster Portuguese scientific research and development initiatives.
Supporting Cultural Heritage
For those passionate about cultural preservation, there is an option to donate a minimum of €250,000 to conserve and restore Portugal’s cultural heritage. In areas classified as low-density, the required donation amount is reduced to €200,000 to encourage investment in regions most in need of support.
Through Fund Subscriptions

A minimum of €500,000 in approved investment or venture capital funds can be used to enter through investment. These funds aim to invigorate economic activity across different sectors.

Despite the exclusion of real estate from its portfolio, Portugal’s Golden Visa program offers diverse and impactful investment options for investors to secure a path to residency – and potentially citizenship – within the European Union.

More About This Program

Who can participate?


The main investor


Their spouse


Children under the age of 18


Dependant children over the age of 18 who are students

What documents will be required?

Valid passport

Evidence proving qualifying investment

Declaration stating that you are not in arrears to the state customs and taxation authority or the social insurance fund

Proof of health insurance

Clean criminal record

A signed form authorising SEF to access the Portuguese criminal record registry

Declaration stating compliance to minimum investment requirements

Receipt of application fee payment

For family members’ applications

Valid passports for all family members

Marriage and birth certificates (if applicable)

Ensuring Your Application’s Success!

Emigration processes are often filled with intricate details and nuances that can be challenging to understand without the proper expertise. Discus Holdings stands ready to illuminate your path with trustworthy guidance.

What Does Our Cost Include?
  • Formalising Power of Attorney
  • Preparation and submission of Golden Visa documentation
  • Assisting with the establishment of your Portuguese bank account
  • Acquiring a taxpayer identification number
  • Connecting you to trustworthy financial representation services
  • Providing escrow account services
  • Guidance through residency status extensions
  • Support in pursuit of Portuguese citizenship
We commit to simplifying the complexities of programs like these to help streamline your decision-making. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide bespoke advice suited to your circumstances and fine-tune the details required for obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa.