Gaining Residency in Cyprus

Cyprus is a Mediterranean gem that offers exceptional opportunities to obtain permanent residency simply by investing in real estate in a fast-forwarded procedure that is completed in a mere span of two months.

The Advantages


Establish Permanent Residency in an EU Country

Achieving permanent residency in Cyprus offers the privilege of year-round living in this Mediterranean paradise. Once Cyprus becomes a part of the Schengen zone, you can enjoy unhindered access to the entire Schengen area.


Secure Permanent Residency For Your Entire Family

The primary applicant’s immediate family, including spouse, dependents, and financially dependent parents, can also receive permanent residency.

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Enjoy Freedom of Movement and Tax Benefits

Opting for Cyprus permanent residency through real estate investment doesn’t automatically make you a Cyprus tax resident, and there is no obligation to stay in Cyprus.

Gateway to

Investing in Cyprus real estate and choosing to stay could pave the way to acquiring Cyprus citizenship.

Are you interested in Cyprus permanent residency?

Apply for Permanent Residency
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Select a reliable investment opportunity

Leverage our expertise for a deep analysis of the Cyprus real estate market. Rest assured, we provide you with top investment options that have undergone and passed our distinct and thorough evaluation process.


Gather all required documentation

Our experienced team partners with you to arrange all documentation and complete official forms, ensuring a top-quality application for residency. This crucial step has a significant influence on the outcome of your application, as the client file review and the verification of its content play a pivotal role in the decision-making process.


Submit the application

Once your application has been prepared, our team will oversee its submission to the Cyprus state authorities. These authorities will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application, inspect its content, and decide on the offer of permanent residency in Cyprus. Successful applicants will be issued a Cyprus Permanent Resident’s Card as proof of their new status after this process.

Conditions for Permanent Residency Through Property Investment

A minimum investment of €300,000 in Cyprus real estate

Evidence of a yearly income of €30,000 outside Cyprus

The applicant needs to hold a deposit of €30,000 in a Cyprus bank for a term of 3 years

Selected real estate must meet the following criteria

The property should be acquired directly from the developer in the primary market;

At least €200,000 of the investment must come from the investor’s personal funds;

The funds used for the purchase should originate from sources outside Cyprus.


Your possibilities for buying property

A single residential property

Two residential properties, either apartments or a house.

Combine a residential property with a commercial space of up to 100 square meters

Pair a residential property with an office space of up to 250 square meters

Ensure that the cumulative value of your two properties is at least €300,000

Properties should originate from the same developer

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing properties situated in different regions of Cyprus

Who can get Cyprus permanent residency?

The main applicant (who must be over the age of 18)

The applicant’s spouse and underage children

Children aged 18–25 years (provided that they are full-time students and financially dependent on the main applicant)

Financially dependent parents of the applicant or his/her spouse