Namibia Permanent Residence Applications Simplified!

Namibia, a gem on the southwestern coast of Africa, offers a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and unique opportunities for those seeking to call this place their new home. Namibia permanent residence is attractive for those looking to establish permanent roots in a destination that promises a stable political climate, vibrant cultural tapestry, and thriving economy. Namibia also holds a proud membership to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which supports the active mitigation of corruption and incoherence in Africa, making Namibia a notably attractive destination for international investors.

Navigating Permanent Residence with Discus Holdings

Securing permanent residency in Namibia is a dream for many. To streamline your application process, partnering with Discus Holdings, a reputable consultancy specialising in emigration, can prove invaluable.

Our team starts by determining your eligibility for permanent residency in an initial consultation to discuss the best path forward based on your circumstances, investment capabilities, or skills. Once this is finalised, we provide a detailed list of the required documentation and guide you through accurately preparing them to meet the Namibian immigration authorities’ standards. After the relevant documents have been gathered, we will assist you in submitting your application to the relevant Namibian immigration authorities and remain a point of contact throughout the process to handle queries from the immigration authorities on your behalf.

An investor can apply for Permanent Residence if they are on a Work Permit, own business in Namibia, and their business is showing growth. Pensioners 60 years or older can qualify for Permanent Residence if they can give proof of enough financial security.
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Namibia Permanent Residence By Investment

In 1990, Namibia introduced the Foreign Investments Act to encourage foreign nationals to invest in the country. To be eligible under this Act, a foreign investor must put more than N$3,950,000 into a Namibian business or buy more than 10% of shares in a Namibian company. Investment can also be made in real estate.

Once the investment has been finalised, an employment permit can be acquired, which will allow the investor and their family to live and work in Namibia. These permits are valid for five years and can be renewed once the initial period has elapsed.

Advantages of Obtaining Namibian Residence
Through Investment
Namibia permanent residence

Peaceful and secure

Namibia offers residents a safe and secure environment, as well as endless opportunities to explore a unique landscape!


High-quality living standards

The small population of Namibia maintains excellent service delivery, reflecting the country’s commitment to its residents’ well-being.

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Potential for high ROIs

Namibia presents attractive opportunities for economic growth, making it an attractive location for investment and business development.

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Favourable taxation system

With a territorial tax system, only income earned within Namibia is subject to taxation, offering significant financial advantages.


International Affiliations

Residency in Namibia means being part of a country that plays a significant role on the international stage, being a member of the United Nations, the Southern African Development Community, the Southern African Customs Union, the African Union, and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Pathways to Permanent Residence

Investing in Business

Foreign nationals have the option to either start a new business venture in Namibia or invest in an existing Namibian company. The aim is to add value within the country, generate employment for locals, and contribute to Namibia’s economic development. To qualify for permanent residence under this category, investors must demonstrate a substantial and sustainable investment into their chosen business venture.

Investing in Real Estate

The Presidents Link Estate (Pty) Ltd offers foreign investors the chance to buy shares in a Namibian company that’s developing residential properties within the Presidents Link Estate. This avenue allows investors to apply for the necessary employment permit as they will own a part of a Namibian company.

The prestigious President’s Links Estate is a luxurious development strategically located on the fringes of Dorob National Park in Walvis Bay. This estate boasts high-end residential homes complemented by top-tier lifestyle facilities. To qualify for residency by investment through this estate, applicants are required to purchase real estate with a minimum value of N$ 365,000.

More Ways to Obtain Namibian Residency

Skilled Professional

An individual working in Namibia on a work permit can apply for permanent residence if they possess a scarce qualification needed in the country. Applicants must be able to show proof of financial security.



A foreign national married to a Namibian or permanent residence permit holder can apply for permanent residence if the person and their spouse is married for at least 2 years and they have been living in Namibia for at least 6 months.


Minor Children

Minor children who do not qualify for citizenship by birth can apply for Namibian permanent residence if one or both parents are Namibian citizens or permanent residence permit holders.