Residency in Hungary


Hungary provides business residence for all foreign investors on equal terms, if they purchase a real estate through their company and generate profit from utilizing this property. Hungary is a full member of the European Union, and the residence permit issued by the Hungarian authorities is valid for the entire Schengen Area.

The applicant has to establish a company in Hungary which invests at least €180,000 in real estate generating business income via renting out the property.

The director of the company with his/her family members is eligible for business residence in Hungary for 2 years initially.

Advantages of Hungarian residency through company formation

  • Residency in an EU country – A residency permit in Hungary gives you the ability to live in Hungary year-round, and you will be able to freely move around the entire Schengen-zone visa free.
  • Gain resident status for your whole family – Together with the main applicant, members of his/her family (spouse and under-18 children) will receive residency.
  • An opportunity to live in the EU – Gaining residency in Hungary through business incorporation and then staying in the country allows you to receive permanent residency and then Hungarian citizenship in the future.

Receiving residency in this European Union country takes only 3 months.

Who can obtain resident status in Hungary?

  • The main applicant must be over 18
  • The spouse
  • Underage children of the main applicant

Conditions for receiving residency through company incorporation in Hungary

  • Establishing a company in Hungary
  • Purchase a real estate in Hungary for a minimum of € 180,000
  • Obtaining the residency permit for you and your family

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