Montenegro kept the tax advantages and became EU whitelisted!

Obtaining the passport of Montenegro through the citizenship by investment program always meant significant tax advantages.

Now you can plan your European taxes with the citizenship and low-tax system of Montenegro!

The European Union created two lists, a “grey list” and the “blacklist” to quarantine the not cooperating countries, regarding the tax issues.

Montenegro was on the grey-list (together with several other low-tax jurisdictions), but the EU announced on 18 February 2020, that:

“The Council completely delisted Armenia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cabo Verde, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Montenegro, St Kitts and Nevis, Vietnam.”

It means that the citizens and residents of Montenegro can plan their taxes through a 100% EU compliant and transparent way.

Which are the main tax advantages of becoming a citizen in Montenegro?
Only income from inside (onshore) Montenegro is taxed. There are no taxes on inheritance, gifts, and payments from property and life insurance.

If you register your company in Montenegro, the corporate tax is only 9%, which is equal to the lowest rate of the European Union (Hungary). The tax resident citizens are taxed on their worldwide profit. If you become a citizen of Montenegro as a non-resident (live elsewhere), then you must pay tax only on your Montenegrin-sourced income.

Do you want to know how you can plan your European taxes through obtaining citizenship in Montenegro? Click here for the detailed info on the naturalisation process or contact us for a free consultation!

What is the EU tax grey list?

The objective of these shame-lists is “to improve tax good governance globally and to ensure that the EU’s international partners respect the same standards as the EU Member States do”, according to the official page of the European Commission.

Montenegro is whitelisted, which means that:

  • Montenegro complies with international tax information exchange agreements
  • Montenegro has no harmful tax practice or regime and applied the anti-BEPS measures.
  • Montenegro’s tax rates do not encourage artificial tax structures.

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