How to get a second citizenship and passport from home during crisis times?

You can obtain new citizenship and passport for home even when you can’t leave your country. Diseases, wars, and other issues can take your freedom away to travel, but Discus Holdings Ltd offers the solution.

Even without these crises, you can be stuck in your home country, because your passport does not guarantee the freedom of travel for you.

For example, during the first months of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemics, the borders are closed all over the world. Nobody knows when you can leave a country if you don’t have a passport, which let you in those developed countries, where the healthcare system is prepared and going to win against the virus.

Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the leading official agencies on the market with more than 25 years of experience in citizenship and residency by investment programs and international taxation. All the mentioned programs are formal and official government immigration schemes for investors or entrepreneurs.

It is a unique and new situation because not only the borders but also the government bodies closed as the Migrations, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other necessary authorities for your successful immigration process.

How can you get a new passport and second citizenship from home?

First of all, you should contact us and set up a free consultation to obtain all the necessary information. We help you to choose the best option (which serves the best of your objectives). Then, it is the time to collect all the necessary documents; the type of these certificates depends on each citizenship by investment program. Following this, we help you to submit the documents. Meanwhile, the relevant government authorities will investigate you through different due diligence processes. The investment part, exactly it’s timing depends on the schemes, but you will have to contribute or invest if the success of your naturalisation process is guaranteed.

Wich citizenships can you get from home without travelling there?

St Kitts and Nevis
Timeframe: approximately three months

Antigua and Barbuda
Timeframe: 4-5 months

Timeframe: approximately three months

Commonwealth of Dominica
Timeframe: approximately two months

Timeframe: approximately two months

Do you want to receive your naturalisation certificate and a new second passport in your home? Contact us now and start the process to save you and your family during the next crisis!


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