Citizenship of Vanuatu

Vanuatu – a slice of paradise at the end of the world

The program of citizenship by investment offered by Vanuatu was first introduced in early 2016 and was definitively adopted by the Vanuatu government in April 2017.

The goal of the program is to create jobs in the country, stimulate the economy, and keep the national budget balanced.

Advantages of Vanuatu citizenship by investment

A Vanuatu passport allows visa-free travel to 129 countries, including the EU, UK, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Caribbean, and most Commonwealth countries, as well as to Australia with a special e-visa.

  • Tax advantages – Vanuatu does not impose taxes on income, wealth, or inheritance
  • No need to visit the country – There is no requirement to visit Vanuatu. Nevertheless, all applicants must undergo a stringent background check
  • Highly attractive terms – The fastest and most cost-efficient program worldwide
  • Fast results – Obtaining a passport takes 7 – 8 weeks


Required donation to the government*

  • Investor: $80.000
  • Investor + spouse: $100.000
  • Investor + spouse + two underage children: $130.000

* Additional fees and costs apply

Process of applying for Vanuatu citizenship:

  • Preliminary background check of applicant (carried out by DH) (week 1)
  • A file is drawn up for submission to ??? (week 1)
  • Payment of government and Discus fees (week 1)
  • Preliminary background check of applicant by the Government Financial Intelligence Unit (week 1)
  • Applicant is tentatively approved (week 2)
  • Final processing of the application (week 2)
  • Final decision on awarding of citizenship (weeks 3 – 4)
  • Payment of the government donation (weeks 4 – 6)
  • Swearing of oath at diplomatic missions of Vanuatu, in your country of residence* or in Vanuatu* (week 7)
  • Obtaining of certificate of citizenship and Vanuatu passport (week 7 or 8)

*Additional fees will apply

Documents required to participate in the Vanuatu citizenship program

  • Application form
  • Foreign passport
  • ID
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Non criminal record certificate
  • Education diplomas
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Proof of the necessary assets
  • CV
  • Reference from your employer
  • 6 passport photos

VANUATU – Brief overview

Capital: Port Vila
Area: 12,190 km2
Population: 277,000
GDP: $998 million
Language: English and French, Bislama
Independent: since 1980

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of roughly 80 islands that stretch 1,300 kilometers. The islands offer scuba diving at coral reefs, underwater caverns and wrecks such as the WWII-era troopship SS President Coolidge. Harborside Port Vila, the nation’s capital and economic center, is on the island of Efate. The city is home to the Vanuatu National Museum, which explores the nation’s Melanesian culture.

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