Citizenship of Turkey by Investment: Your Gateway to Visa-Free Travel

Turkey is a country celebrated for its rich culture, cuisine, climate, and abundant leisure. It has become a favoured destination for tourists and business professionals alike, who look to invest in the local real estate market, thus fostering the growth of the nation’s economy. For those who are interested in investment, you will be pleased to know that the country also stands out as one of the nations that offers investors the opportunity to obtain citizenship of Turkey after meeting specific investment criteria – a process Discus Holdings can help you navigate.

The Advantages

citizenship of Turkey

Enjoy visa-free travel to 118 countries worldwide, including sought-after destinations like Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, and Japan.

citizenship of Grenada

Gain immediate citizenship for your entire family alongside the main investor and experience a seamless transition to a new nationality.

Golden Visa

Benefit from straightforward and attractive investment terms without the burden of additional government fees or the need to prove the origin of your funds.


Leverage advantages for your business, including reduced tax rates and numerous other benefits to support your endeavours.


Unique business opportunities through the Ankara Agreement with the European Economic Community (EEC) which allows the establishment of businesses or work in EEC member states, including a special provision for the UK.


Eligibility for the US E-2 visa enables the establishment of businesses in the US with no minimum investment.

Are you interested in Turkish citizenship?

Your Options for Citizenship of Turkey by Investment

Through capital investment

Foreign investors have the choice between four options for citizenship through capital investment, each requiring an investment of $500,000. These include:

  • Depositing $500,000 into a Turkish bank account
  • Making a $500,000 investment in a fixed capital contribution
  • Investing $500,000 in shares of Turkish Government Bonds, Real Estate Investment Funds, or Venture Capital Funds
  • Committing $500,000 to a private pension fund.

Through real estate

To qualify for citizenship through real estate investment, applicants must invest a minimum of $400,000 in real estate within Turkey. Banking regulations mandate that this investment be made in Turkish Liras as the final currency. Furthermore, the land registry office policies stipulate that the investment must be consolidated under a single contract. This prohibits the applicant from combining multiple real estate investments to satisfy the minimum threshold.

The Requirements

Document Requirements

Generally, the following documents are required for Turkish citizenship by investment applications. Should additional documents be required, our team will liaise with you to ensure their accurate submission.

Valid passports

Birth Certifications

Colour ID photos

Complete biometrics

Proof of investment

Proof of Health Insurance

Proof of residence in your current country of residence

Police clearance showcasing a clean criminal record

Turkish Tax ID Number

Family Requirements

Family members are eligible to be included under the primary applicant. These consist of a spouse, children under the age of eighteen, and children with disabilities of any age. While including family members in your application incurs no extra investment cost, all adult applicants must secure a residence permit and complete a due diligence process.

Minimum Stay Requirements

Turkey offers flexibility in that there are no minimum stay requirements for maintaining citizenship. This is ideal for those seeking a secondary residency plan without the obligation of spending a minimum amount of time in the country.

An Overview of Taxation in Turkey

To qualify as a tax resident in Turkey, individuals must either have legal residency or spend at least six months a year within its borders. If you do not meet these parameters, you do not have to be concerned with tax residency obligations. However, those who are tax residents are obligated to submit payments to the Turkish tax authorities. This encompasses taxes on global income, value-added tax (VAT) applicable to goods and services, and property tax for real estate holdings within Turkey. It is important to note that property taxes vary from 0.1% to 0.3% based on the property type, and real estate transactions incur a transfer tax of 4%, which is shared equally between buyer and seller.

What To Expect During Your Citizenship Application

Step one:
Selecting Your Investment Route

Discus Holdings will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth path to obtaining citizenship through an investment that suits your needs. With comprehensive market analyses at our disposal, our team curates profitable and secure investment opportunities for you to explore.

Step two:
Making Your Investment

During this phase, we assist you with purchasing real estate, making bank deposits, or engaging in other qualifying actions for your chosen investment route to establish your eligibility for citizenship.

Step three:
Document Preparation and Verification

All documentation must meet the program’s stringent criteria. We facilitate this process to ensure that your documents receive certification, official Turkish translation, and notarisation, as required by the application process.

Step four:
Application Submission

Eligible applicants are required to submit their citizenship application to the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship, which our team handles on your behalf. Successful applications are reviewed by the Council of Ministers, who make the ultimate decision on citizenship approval. We endeavour to share any relevant application updates as soon as they are available.

Step five:
Application Success
Upon the approval of your citizenship of Turkey application, you will be welcomed to claim your Turkie Cumhuriyeti Nufus Cuzdani (Turkish identification document), affirming your Turkish citizenship, along with a Turkish passport, marking the successful completion of your journey.

Discus Holdings is committed to providing clarity and dependable counsel throughout your emigration journey. By arranging a consultation with us, you will gain access to tailored advice that’s crafted to meet your individual needs. Feel free to contact our experts for more information.