Interested in Saint Lucia Citizenship?

Unleash your inner globetrotter with the freedom to travel visa-free to an impressive 121 countries, spanning the entirety of the EU, the UK, Ireland, the scenic Caribbean, and the majority of Commonwealth nations by choosing to become a citizen of Saint Lucia. Citizenship to this Caribbean gem can be enjoyed with the absence of residency prerequisites and taxes on personal earnings, wealth, or inheritance.

While the journey to citizenship does not demand a physical visit to Saint Lucia, all applicants undergo a thorough verification procedure to ensure the integrity of the process. In just 5 short months, Discus Holdings can ensure your application is considered, marking the first page of your new global adventure.

Do you want to live in Saint Lucia?

How To Receive


1. Make a Contribution to The State

Official authority: National Economic Fund

Investor: 100,000 $

Investor + spouse: 140,000 $

Investor + spouse + 2 children: 150,000 $

Additional dependants: 25,000 $

The Pros

It is a simple transaction

The Cons

The contribution is non-refundable

2. Invest in Government Bonds

Minimum investment for up to four dependants: 250,000 $

Each additional qualifying dependant: 15,000 $

Required minimum holding period: 5 years / 7 years

The Pros

It is a simple transaction

Receive a return of capital after the holding period

It has the lowest total outlay

The Cons

There is zero interest

The capital is tied up for the time of the holding period

3. Invest in Real Estate

Minimum investment: 300,000 $

Required period of real estate ownership: 5 years

State fees

Investor: 50,000 $

Spouse: 35,000 $

Dependants: under 18 years of age – 25,000 $ each

Aged 18 and older – 35,000 $ each

The Pros

It is a tangible asset

You have a return on investment in the form of dividends

You have a return on investment in the form of resale

It provides a physical connection to the country

The Cons

There are greater initial costs

More About Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a majestic island nation nestled in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. As the second largest of the Windward Islands in the charming Lesser Antilles, it boasts a prime location approximately 24 miles south of Martinique and 21 miles northeast of Saint Vincent. Saint Lucia is the perfect location to experience the intimate side of the Caribbean!