Citizenship of Namibia

A person can qualify for Namibian Citizenship on grounds of the following :

1. Descent

If one of the parents is a born Namibian Citizen with Namibian documents. Or if the parent received Namibian Citizenship before the applicant’s birth. 

2. Marriage

If a person is married to a Namibian Citizen for 10 years while living legally married  in Namibia for those 10 years.

3. Naturalisation

If a person has been living in Namibia for 10 years on a Permanent Residence Permit.

4. Naturalisation Exempt

If a South African have / had an old SWA ID (a copy can be obtained from Home Affairs) the person can apply for Namibian citizenship on grounds of Naturalisation Exempt. The person will have to renounce the SA citizenship, once the Namibian citizenship is approved. 

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