Citizenship of Montenegro


In 2018 the Montenegrin Government finally approved the conditions for granting citizenship by investments.

Discus Holdings is a 50% shareholder of one of the 3 official agents licensed to handle applications by the government of Montenegro.

The key condition is to invest in a government approved project: €450,000 in the capital of Podgorica or in the southern resort part of Montenegro, or €250,000 in the less-developed northern part of the country.

Advantages of Montenegro citizenship by investment

A European country aiming for the EU

A European country located at the sea, planning to join to the European Union in 2025. Montenegro is a member of the UN and NATO.

  • Visa-free travel to 122 countries worldwide – Visa-free travel to EU countries within the Schengen area, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and many other countries
  • Citizenship for the whole family right away – Together with the investor, citizenship can also be obtained by his/her family members
  • Highly attractive terms – No requirements to live in Montenegro or know the language. No requirement to renounce your existing citizenship
  • Tax advantages – Only income from inside Montenegro is taxed. No taxes on inheritance, gifts, and payments from life and property insurance

Montenegro’s program for citizenship through investment is one of the most long-awaited in the industry.

Who will receive Montenegro citizenship – based on investment?

For one single investment, Montenegro citizenship can be obtained by

  • the investor
  • his/her spouse
  • financially dependent children without age restrictions

Citizenship is also given to children born after the investor has obtained Montenegro citizenship, as well as each successive generation.

Main conditions for receiving Montenegro citizenship by investment

Contribution to the state: €100,000
Investment into government approved real-estate developments in the northern part of the country: €250,000

Contribution to the state: €100,000
Investment into government approved real-estate developments in the southern part of Montenegro or in the capital city of Podgorica: €450,000

Main requirements for applications

  • Only non-EU citizens can apply
  • They cannot be subject to individual sanctions or banned from entry to the EU, USA, UK, or Canada
  • They must lack a criminal record or open legal cases against them
  • They must prove the lawful origin of the funds used to invest
  • They must have an impeccable personal and business reputation, as well as a credit history
  • The investor must be in good health

The process and how long it takes

  • Signing the agreement and make a preliminary check
  • Payment of government fees and professional services
  • Investment project selection and signing investment documentation
  • Payment of investment and contribution to the government escrow account
  • Submission of the necessary documents and application for citizenship – Through Discus Holdings
  • Getting a positive decision and a certificate of naturalization
  • Taking of biometric data in Montenegro
  • Receiving the passport – Through Discus Holdings

From the moment the application is submitted, a passport can be obtained after 3 months.



  • Personal income tax 9-11%
  • Capital gains tax 9%
  • No taxes on inheritance, gifts, and payments from life insurance and property insurance – NO TAXES


  • Corporate income tax 9%
  • VAT 7-21%

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