Citizenship in Montenegro Through Investment

In 2018, the Montenegrin Government made a crucial decision, approving the parameters for bestowing citizenship via investment. Discus Holdings, a significant 50% shareholder in one of the three official agents authorised by the Montenegrin Government, manages applications for this initiative. To qualify, a key requirement is an investment in a state-sanctioned project.

The Advantages

Situated by the sea, Montenegro is a captivating European nation with plans to become a member of the European Union by 2025. As a steadfast member of both the United Nations and NATO, it continues to assert its position within the global community.


Visa-free travel to an impressive 122 countries worldwide.


Invest in a brighter future with immediate citizenship for the entire family.

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Benefit from highly favourable terms with no obligation to reside in Montenegro, learn the language, or relinquish current citizenship.

Are you interested in Montenegrin citizenship?

Who Can Receive Montenegro Citizenship?

For a single investment, Montenegro citizenship can be obtained by


The investor


his/her spouse


financially dependent children without age restrictions

Citizenship is also given to children born after the investor has obtained Montenegro citizenship and each successive generation.

Conditions for Citizenship
by Investment


Contribution to the state: €100,000

Investment into government-approved real-estate developments in the northern part of the country: €250,000


Contribution to the state: €100,000

Investment into government-approved real-estate developments in the southern part of Montenegro or the capital city of Podgorica: €450,000

What To Expect During The Application Process

Entering into the agreement after a comprehensive preliminary review

Payment of government charges and consultancy fees

Choosing the right investment opportunity and formalising the paperwork

Transferring the investment amount to the government escrow account

Submitting the required paperwork and applying for citizenship via Discus Holdings

Obtaining approval and receiving the certificate of naturalisation

Capturing biometric data within Montenegro

Earning the passport via Discus Holdings

The main requirements:

Only non-EU citizens can apply

They cannot be subject to individual sanctions or banned from entry to the EU, USA, UK, or Canada

They must lack a criminal record or open legal cases against them

They must prove the lawful origin of the funds used to invest

They must have an impeccable personal and business reputation, as well as a credit history

The investor must be in good health

From the moment the application is submitted, a passport can be obtained after 3 months.

Understanding The Tax Advantages
  • Personal income tax charged between 9-11%
  • Capital gains tax of 9%
  • No taxes on inheritance, gifts, and payments from life insurance and property insurance
  • Corporate income tax of 9%
  • VAT charged between 7-21%