Journey to the Caribbean with Dominica Citizenship

Possessing a passport from Dominica opens up a world of opportunity, allowing you to journey to 137 countries visa-free. This extensive list includes appealing destinations such as the UK, nations within the Caribbean, and the esteemed Commonwealth countries. Moreover, Dominica also extends unrestricted access to all Schengen and EU countries with no visa requirement. Beyond these travel benefits, Dominica doesn’t burden you with residency demands or levy taxes on your income, wealth, or inheritance, an ideal economic landscape. The path to obtaining economic citizenship has also been simplified under new procedures, with the entire application process designed to be completed within just three months.

Do you want to live in Dominica?

How to Obtain Citizenship in

1. Make a Contribution to The State

Official authority: Economic Diversification Fund

Investor: 100,000 $

Investor + spouse: 175,000 $

Investor + spouse + 2 children: 200,000 $

Additional dependents: 25,000 $

The Pros

It is a simple transaction

The Cons

The contribution is non-refundable

2. Invest in Real Estate

Minimum investment: 200,000 $

Required period of real estate ownership: 3 years – State fees

Investor: 25,000 $

Investor + spouse: 35,000 $

Family up to 4 persons: 35,000 $

Family up to 6 persons: 50,000 $

The Pros

It is a tangible asset

You receive a return on investment in the form of dividends

You can receive a return on investment in the form of resale

It provides a physical connection to the country

The Cons

There are greater initial costs


More About Dominica

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Dominica is a vibrant island nation that stands out for its rich, mountainous landscapes, invigorating natural hot springs, and lush tropical rainforests. The crown jewel is the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, home to the mesmerising Boiling Lake, a volcanic wonder shrouded in steam. To the west, you’ll find the charming capital, Roseau, with its vibrant timber houses and serene botanical gardens.