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Citizenship by investment programs provides a mutually beneficial bridge between nations seeking economic growth and individuals seeking the benefits of second citizenship. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business horizons or an individual seeking a new home for your family, there are various investment citizenship countries offering opportunities.

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Choosing a Country for Second Citizenship

Determining which program to choose will depend on your investment goals and other desires regarding citizenship. Should you wish to have visa-free travel to specific countries, you will have to consider citizenship in countries that offer those perks. Alternatively, time restraints and business aspirations can also guide your decision. Discus Holdings can help you select a program that fulfils your goals, meets the needs of your family, suits your timeline and fits your budget. 

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The Advantages of Alternative Citizenship

In an unsettled, ever-changing world, acquiring an alternative citizenship is an investment for the future. Your citizenship of choice is for life, and there is often no need to give up your present nationality while you enjoy the benefits of a legal second passport.

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Freedom to travel

Having the ability to travel globally without a visa is a priceless benefit for your family.


Flexibility and affordability

A second passport can be obtained in as little as 3 months for a minimum investment of US$100,000 without having to visit the country during the process.


Security for you and your family

A passport from a small, peaceful and neutral country can be crucial when travelling during times of social unrest.


Educational benefits

A second citizenship may provide additional access to the best schools or universities where strict geographical quotas apply.

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Estate Planning

As more countries are moving towards the worldwide taxation model, applicants can consider alternative citizenship options for estate and tax planning.


Diversification of passport portfolios

Dual citizens can receive the benefits, privileges and protection offered by multiple countries.

Why Do Countries Offer Citizenship Through Investment?

Countries that offer citizenship by investment programs strategically deploy these initiatives with the aim of attracting foreign investment to fuel economic growth. By inviting wealthy individuals and international businesses to invest, countries can enhance their financial reservoirs and bolster entrepreneurial activity within their borders. These programs are essentially designed as a win-win proposition that offers individuals a valuable second passport and countries a means for sustainable development.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does citizenship extend to my spouse and children?

Yes, citizenship is extended to your spouse, dependent children, and, in most countries, dependent parents. Fees for family members vary from country to country.

Do I need to visit countries offering citizenship by investment?

Generally, Caribbean and Vanuatu programs do not require you to visit the country before, during, or after the application process. However, most European programs require you to visit the country to undertake biometrics and also to collect your Citizenship Certificate and Passport in person.

Will I need to forfeit my current passport?

Several nations enforce strict policies against holding a second passport. In citizenship by investment programs, it is understood that applicants are not generally looking to replace their existing nationality but rather to enjoy the additional privileges and freedoms another passport offers. Consequently, the majority of citizenship by investment programs do not stipulate the relinquishing of the applicant’s original passport.

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