Citizenship by investment programs worldwide

The fastest way to become a citizen of a country is by making an investment in exchange for citizenship. You can opt to donate towards the country’s infrastructure or buy a government-approved real estate. Several countries, such as Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Vanuatu and the “Caribbean 5” (St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Lucia) offer Citizenship by Investment programs.

For example, as a citizen of Nigeria you can enter 44 countries without a visa, while by obtaining Vanuatu’s citizenship you will have 129 visa-free countries (EU and UK amongst others). You practically tripled the number of countries you can visit visa-free. Especially during today’s coronavirus time it is a huge advantage.
Can I have multiple citizenships? 

If your country of citizenship allows dual citizenship, then you can also obtain multiple citizenships. If not, then you may have to denounce your current citizenship to take part in citizenship by investment programs. In this case, we advise you to get in contact with us, so we can examine your situation and come up with tailor-made solutions for you.

Citizenship programs around the globe

The Caribbean countries have been offering their citizenship to affluent investors for decades. St Kitts and Nevis was the first that started in 1984. Legally, there is not too much of a difference between what Caribbean countries offer through a donation or real estate investment route, offering visa-free entry to the Schengen-zone and more than a hundred other countries.

Their new competitor, Vanuatu in the Pacific offers the same benefits (the ability to visit 129 countries visa-free) with two major advantages. The country is market-leading in the efficiency of the application period, as it only takes 6 weeks to get the citizenship, compared with the 3-6 months waiting time in the Caribbean. Also, Vanuatu is the best cost-effective solution in our industry.

Citizenship programs in Europe: Malta, Montenegro

Malta, an EU country since 2004, with one of the strongest passports in the world just announced its “Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment” scheme recently. Under the governing regulations, an investor can gain Maltese citizenship after 1 or 3 years of residency, with visa-free travel possibility to more than 183 destinations, among them the USA. Discus Holdings is a licensed agent with an office in Valletta to handle your application in Malta professionally. 

The Montenegrin program is unique of its kind: due to the fact that Montenegro is expected to be a full EU member in 2025, it is worthwhile to consider a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors to get a Montenegrin citizenship, that matures just as a good wine: by replenishing its value over time.

For the time being, Montenegrin citizenship grants visa-free travel to over 124 countries, among them Germany, Italy, France and the whole Schengen-zone. However, in 2025 when Montenegro will join the EU, citizens will be able to work, live and do business anywhere in the European Union. This means the ability for your children to attend the best European universities, take part in the Erasmus program or other unique scholarship possibilities reserved only for European citizens.

What are the advantages of a second citizenship? Have a second home abroad
The right to live in another country of your preference (in the case of EU passports includes the right to live in all other 26 EU countries and stay in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland as well!)
 Travel freely like never before
Freedom of travel by travelling visa-free to over 100 countries depending on your second citizenship (even during the coronavirus pandemic, holders of two or more passports could almost freely travel around the world)
 Asset protection and international tax planning
Possible tax benefits, depending on the jurisdiction of your tax residence
 Safe future for you and your loved ones
Secure the future for the family and the right to move when you want or need to; you will always have a plan B if things get out of hand
 Education: the key to the success of your children
Better education possibilities for your children in top-class universities, free education possibilities in primary and secondary education depending on the chosen country
 Receive the best possible healthcare services
If your life or the life of your loved ones are in danger, you might want the best possible service. With a second citizenship, you’ll have access to the chosen country’s healthcare system and use all its benefits    
Stay with us, as in the next part, we will give you tips to avoid scammers and lift the veil about our industry.

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