2020 real estate investment for citizenship in the Americas

Where to invest in real estate in exchange for a passport or residence permit in 2020 in North, Central, and South America? Here are the best investment immigration options for you!

Brazil is the hot spot for real estate investment in 2020, undoubtedly. As the currency, the Brazilian real is losing fast its value. The properties became cheaper and cheaper during the last couple of years for foreign buyers. The minimum necessary investment for the residence permit was originally USD 250,000 but the governments must adjust the amount regularly. Five years ago this amount was enough for a decent house; now it is enough to buy a colossal cottage, even with a small island, pool and port. However, the average square meter cost is still USD 4,833 according to the Global Property Guide  but the data does not respond to the reality: for USD 5,000 you can buy land at the seaside and not only one squad meter in Sao Paulo.

Panama is one of the most attracting countries for investors who want to obtain a permanent residence permit and later the citizenship. Panama is beautiful and except Panama City, it is an affordable tropical paradise with beautiful seasides, good healthcare, security and schools. The average price of a square meter is USD 3,606 but you can find way more affordable real estates closer to nature still with all services.

In the United States, the median square meter is USD 17,191. However, residential real estate investment is not among the residency by investment programs’ options. If your objective is to move in the US, then read here all the details about the E-2, EB-5 and L1 visa or green card programs!

In Canada, the average square meter price is USD 10,947 but the comparative data from Global Property Guide indicates only the best quality homes’ costs. It is also essential to notice that Canada did not launch any real estate related residency or citizenship by investment program.

What about the Caribbean countries with citizenship by investment programs? Don’t forget that you can obtain citizenship by real estate investment in the Caribbean. Still, the properties must qualify for the schemes and it means that sometimes the market value is not the same (perhaps lower) than the high-end, luxury hotel rooms, offered in exchange for the passports. Discus Holdings is an official agent of the citizenship and residency by investment programs of the Americas; please contact us for the detailed information!

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